Low Volume Specialty Painting & Assembly
With TransGlobal's rich history from experiences with full vehicle, specialty vehicles; including all the "Mary K" Pink Cadillacs, we had the collective DNA to focus our Class A experiences toward a rather new yet challenging series of products. Painting Class A Carbon Fiber has some interesting challenges, leveraging this experience and our extensive tribal knowledge, has shown our clients and our peers that we do know how to paint low volume specialty part applications. We paint in static booths and spend the necessary time with part preparation to lay down a Class A finish that meets and exceeds our customer requirements. Our PPM’s in this area are "World Class" and we have open capacity in this area to service more low volume specialty painting and assembly.

We are uniquely positioned to support such low volume painting, assemblies and final shipments. TransGlobal has a lot to offer our customers with the application of these services to close additional business. Recently, we have developed aerospace painted products, aftermarket accessories and lower volume service type products. We have an extremely flexible work force that is more than happy to facilitate and support low volume specialty Class A assemblies. From single parts, one-of-a-kind prototype/show parts to serial supply.

With our sister company, Deluxe Technologies, we have the ability to support the development of paint hangers, fixtures, bond fixtures, assembly aids, inclusive of all primary and secondary tooling that supports a low volume niche application. Through vertical integration your initial investment is reduced giving our clients a greater ROI.