Cad Design
TransGlobal offers CAD design services encompassing the latest software systems to meet a diverse customer base. With a core design staff located right here in Michigan, our design team is both knowledgable in automotive design requirements, and responsive to customer timing and needs. We also have CAD/CAE technical staff located in India, providing both value and 24-hour design clock benefits. Complete data security is maintained by secure data systems, NDA agreements, and multiple-level password security systems.

Secure data connections are maintained with many automotive OEMs via ANX connections and other secure data transport technologies.CAD Systems
- Unigraphics NX3
- ProE

TransGlobal maintains a full menu of CAE analytical tools for predictive analysis and vehicle behavior modeling. Surfacing tools include Alias/Wavefront.

TransGlobal also offers complete competitive benchmarking services, including vehicle scanning, teardown, BOM build-up, mass and weld identification and analysis.