Product Engineering
TransGlobal provides product design and engineering from our Vehicle Centers located in Auburn Hills and Livonia, Michigan. The TransGlobal engineering team has been responsible for the successful development and launch of dozens of special vehicle programs, ranging from special option, derivative vehicles to full-vehicle development concept-to-production.

With over 20 years of corporate engineering experience and diverse product development programs under our belt, the TransGlobal engineering department is staffed by a core of experienced product engineers and technicians with bumper-to-bumper product development background.

A fully integrated Engineering Change Control system forms the foundation for release of all components, documents, drawings and data. The TransGlobal Product Change Notification (PCN) provides tracking of engineering changes and related costs.

Body Systems Engineering
- Interior Systems
- Exterior Systems
- Structural Systems
Chassis Systems Engineering
- Frame / Structural Systems
- Suspension / Brake Systems
Powertrain Systems Engineering
- Powertrain Packaging
- Cooling Systems
- Intake / Exhaust
- Fuel System
Electrical Systems Engineering
- Wiring Harnesses
- Electronics / Diagnositcs
- Lighting Systems