Second Stage Manufacturing
In June 2008, TransGlobal opened a new second stage manufacturing facility in Kansas City, Missouri to perform installations of special vehicle options. This facility installed a wide range of fleet and retail items for both F150 truck and Escape/Mariner SUV models, and had been developed to process 50,000 vehicles annualy.

TransGlobal performed second stage vehicle assembly services to General Motors Special Vehicle Activities group for a series of special option packages designed for the Pontiac Grand Prix model. The program scope covered over 20,000 vehicles during a 3.5-year production run, and included: rear spoilers, special edition hood with functional scoops, rockers, NASCAR roof rails, and other special option content.

TransGlobal provided design, engineering and vehicle assembly services for a series of military trucks based on the GMC Sierra truck platform. Derivative models included: non-tactical, heavy-duty pickup trucks, military ambulances and special artillery spotting vehicles. Option content included: 24-volt electrical, heavy-duty jounce shock suspension, heavy-duty front/rear bumpers,underbody skid plates,gun racks,observation ports,electronic communications interfaces,diesel heaters and other special content.

When Glacier National Park decided to resurect their historic fleet of 1930' vintage White Motors tour buses, TransGlobal answered the call. Developing a process to mate the original bodies to specially designed Ford E450 chassis, with all-new cooling modules and honeycomb aluminum flooring, and a GFI propane fuel system. A total of 33 buses were shipped to TransGlobal for complete body refurbishment and the new chassis installation. The result; a fleet of historic buses with all the flavor of the originals, fully certified to all applicable FMVSS and DOTsafety requirements, and with the driveability of new Ford E-Series vans.

After the success of the Glacier Park program, the Park Service decided to add another 8 buses to the process (painted authentic yellow of course) for the Yellowstone National Park tours.

TransGlobal was proud to play a role in the return of this important part of the National Park Service heritage to flawless operation and sold-out bookings.