Military Vehicles
TransGlobal was the Vehicle Integration Services supplier to General Motors Special Vehicle Activities group for the Bonneville GXP special edition program launched in 2004. The program scope included: powertrain packaging to offer the Northstar V8 engine; chassis structural development for 18" limited edition wheels; suspension; front and rear fascia, rockers and spoiler. All unique special edition content was integrated into the GM DHAM assembly plant for the 8,000 unit production run.

When TACOM requested a solution for increasing levels of soldier injuries sustained while riding in HMMWVs overseas, TransGlobal responded with a new safety seat system designed to improve occupant protection and comfort. The seat design provides improved adjustment with a one-handed actuator that allows the soldier to adjust the seat back height to accommodate 5th percentile to 95th percentile adults. An adjustable thigh support improves comfort for reduced driver fatigue and increased fore-aft adjustment accommodates a wider range of drivers comfortably.