Engineering and Design Programs
TransGlobal was the engineering services provider to Ford Motor Company for this engineering and development program to repower the Ford H-215 medium duty diesel platform with a gasoline powertrain. The program also included a heavy-duty transmission development program to run concurrently with the repower development engineering. The program scope also included: instrumented duty cycle development testing; dynamometer key-life durability testing; and an 18-unit confirmation prototype build. TransGlobal staffed the program with 65 engineers and technicians and completed the program successfully through CP-level prototype approval.

TransGlobal was the Vehicle Integration Services supplier to General Motors Special Vehicle Activities group for the Bonneville GXP special edition program launched in 2004. The program scope included: powertrain packaging to offer the Northstar V8 engine, chassis structural development for 18" limited edition wheels, suspension, front and rear fascia, rockers and spoiler. All unique special edition content was integrated into the GM DHAM assembly plant for the 8,000 unit production run.

TransGlobal has been the SSM services provider to General Motors for the Professional Series Deville since 2001. The scope of this program covers engineering and design of all unique components for the series vehicles, including: new engine cradle, rear air-ride suspension, specific chassis structural modifications for stretch and armoring, ram front bumper, run-flat tire system, exhaust system and heavy-duty brake, AC and charging systems. TransGlobal performs a ship-thru modification to the base model Deville at the TransGlobal Auburn Hills Vehicle Center. This ship-thru program includes special chassis modifications performed prior to the vehicles delivery to the Cadillac Master Coachbuilders.

TransGlobal was prime contractor to the DOD and CARB for the development and manufacture of an all-composite, electric vehicle demonstration platform. Dubbed the Ze-WEV (Zero Emission World Electric Vehicle), the design featured a composite chassis with a flexible application capable of build as a 6-passenger sedan (pictured), a small pickup truck, or a compact fleet services van. Concepted, styled, designed and built by TransGlobal, demonstration vehicles were sent to California and put into service for data acquisistion. The creative design and cooling air-flow concept allowed a Corvette-class drag coefficient for the sedan model!